Friday, June 27, 2008

its summer, i dont wear shoes

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shorts, american eagle. tank, urban outfitters. cardigan, the gap. ribbon, nordstrom.

i was hiding out in the igloo that my house has become with the air conditioning these days and put on this cardigan in a laughable attempt at accessorizing in this heat. I was overheated in the 10 minutes that i was outside to take pictures...horrible. I'm so sorry for my lack of blogging, it's becoming a really bad habit to leave this coolcoolhiphip for far too long between posts or updates.
in other news, im leaving for india on july 2nd! and i'll be gone until early early august doing community service work and the like. and seeing the taj mahal! and returning with indian accessories!

Some other updates on my life.
7 songs that are getting me through my days these no particular order
1. far away-ingrid michaelson
2. pyt- michael jackson
3. hospital beds- cold war kids
4. heart it races- dr. dog
5. sour cherry- the kills
6. barges- the vision of a dying world
7. je veux te voir- yelle

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