Sunday, January 27, 2008

Drawing Inspiration

Mary Kate Olsen rocks.
In 2004, she wore this amazing dress to present at the Video Music Awards (photo credit: thefashionspot) and everyone went nuts. Little did we know, she was vintage shopping, found this beautiful 50s vintage SKIRT and since she's such a waif she wore it as a dress. Fabulous!
Anyway. I have this peasant skirt in my closet from the days of yore (i am so sorry i ever went out with a street sweeping peasant skirt) but for some reason I just remembered it last night and decided to try it a new way today! Success!
I wore it as a dress and belted it. I'll probably add a comfy cardigan or hoodie later for the movies (hurrah michael clayton!) but for now i'm comfy.
There's something so nice about being able to rework things. I'm alllll about it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frill Factor

Shoes, Rite Aid. Jeans, J.Crew. Top, Free People. Sweater, mom's.

Friday, January 25, 2008


i'm going to a psychedelic show later.
top, vtg from amsterdam. jeans, lucky.

also, i was ACTUALLY talking to someone....not just pretending..

The Row

The row has IT.
It has what I desire, as a person of this day and age--as a girl in this day and age!
The Row, designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen provides a new take on the most basic of basics--white t-shirts, leather jackets, and pencil skirts.
They help them become youthful, flirty, and couture (!) all at the same time because of the French seaming....
This video is magical!

Young Parisian

Outfit Number 1: For today. For doing nothing, like buying a book at the bookstore and picking up food for my sick sister. oh, the joys of living in southern california

It was pouring rain yesterday. So I wore my wellies all day! It was fun, and even though the clouds cleared by late afternoon, I enjoyed the rain while it lasted.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dior Haute Couture

One of my favorite looks from the collection.
Like many others though, I ache for the return to the mirrored runway...something about them screams expensive where this is...
not BAD, just not GREAT.
John Galliano is just a personal hero, no doubt about it.
He has fun with fashion, and that makes it fun for me.
What are your thoughts?

Seriously Obsessed

Yeah, I know.
I'm obsessed with the scarf. But I'm not even embarassed! After such a long hunt for a scarf that can perfectly drape like this one, I would wear it every day. And for that, I'm sort of a dork.
But anwyay, this outfit. It was cold today!
Top, AA. Jeans, Lucky. Scarf, ebay. Shoes, vtg.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

take me twice

Again and Again


Fun In The Sun

Went to OB today.
And had what my dad calls the second best burger in the country at Hodad's.

Does Your Daddy Have a Shotgun?

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after this i am done.
my pictures have come from,, and my own camera.
Just wanted to clear that up.
New outfit tomorrow!

Draw Me In.

Ashley Olsen. Mary Kate Olsen
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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bought, Bought, Want, Want

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These little vintage flats are absolutely my thing.
I have this weird process in my mind that...the second I'm sure I'm going to have something for real, I just whir through the things in my closet, to try and figure out the many ways I can wear things.
But anyway, I bought these granny flats that I am in love with because of their versatility.
with flats and a dress, or even with a good pair of jeans, they will be marvelous!

Want: (WANT!)

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I mean, I think I would die if I owned these.
They are sort of the perfect shoes, that I wish I could own, but I won't be owning anytime soon.
But hey, a girl can dream!

Hippie Dip

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Really simple today, I'm going to see There Will Be Blood Later with some friends.
Jeans, Lucky Brand. Top, Anthropologie. Shoes, vintage (obviously, not shown)

Marc is the Man

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Victoria Beckham is starring in the Marc Jacobs ads for spring 2008, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm excited about them.
It's a fun new concept, and since Juergen Teller is on board to shoot the campaign as always, it's much more exciting to me
than just a glossy boring ad...which she probably could have chosen, but didn't. SO, props to Victoria. Especially for choosing
the ad campaign that makes fun of her. I don't know many people who could walk the red carpet in Chanel high waisted
sequined hotpants, and she's done it. As much as she bothers me sometimes, I can't help but feel like she's pretty fabulous.
Marc Jacobs is having fun with this, and any advertisement with the backwards and upside down (well, practically) is going to 
be eye catching.
I still don't know how anyone could walk in those shoes...I'm afraid I would be clomping around. 
Hm. Maybe I can stop by the store later and give you guys an update on how these things actually work.
My fellow bloggers, perisacooper ( and fashiontoast ( have completely inspired me to join the blogosphere. And in a way, I can't believe that I finally have a blog.  I guess it's been a long time coming and after such immense, heaping loads of inspiration have been heaped on me from blogs around the net, I couldn't resist making my own.
I hope to make this sort of like my own style diary, but with personal inspirations involved as well.
I'll post photos of my outfits as often as I possibly can (as often as my sister is willing to take pictures), and you can bet you'll be up to date on everything important in fashion (in my eyes at least)

Just to get to know me, here's 6 things that you didn't know before
1. I definitely want to be fluent in french. I'm proficient at this point, but I've got a long way to go.
2. I tried to decide one time if I was a bag girl or a shoe girl and I decided that I couldn't choose. I'm both!
3. I'm a member of, maybe my favorite website out there.
4. My friends will laugh at me when they see I've got a blog
5. I live on the Left Coast, and am in love with it
6. I dream big.

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