Friday, April 25, 2008

She's Got It

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I just can't stop paying attention to clemence poesy's impeccable-ness. I adore everything she adorns herself with, she's constantly chic and undeniably fabulous.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


D60 25438

I've been thinking about how horribly my lack of camera has affected my blogging abilities.  I take photos with my Macbook (my lovely Macbook, which I am not complaining about, but still...) but I always feel like I'm never able to truly showcase my outfits in all their splendor and without the colors looking always so washed out.
I've decided that a Nikon D60 is what I need for this betterment of my quality of life.  I already have such grand ideas!
Do any of you have a Nikon digital camera? What are your thoughts on yours?

Friday, April 18, 2008

go erin go!

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I see pictures like these and outfits like these and I'm utterly convinced that my post a few posts down about the hipster headband was spot on.  Very very few could pull this off...and yet, when someone pulls an outfit like this off, it's immaculate. That's why I love Erin Wasson--she's the epitome of a seriously cool girl who seriously doesn't care what people think of her outfits, and yet she knows she's super hip and super stylish. 

ph, wwd

Love is a Battlefield

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Hellooo, new-pair-of-gladiators!  Because of the whirlwind of studs to be found in and around the fashion industry these days (from Givenchy to Mary-Kate Olsen), I guess you could say that I've been sucked in.  I picked up these gladiator sandals (perfect for summer and pool parties and things of the sort...) and have strapped them on already.  I was talking to the woman about the shoe store and she was telling me about how she always wore them in the 80s.  I, however, was entirely unwaware of gladiators in the eighties. obviously.  So this is kind of my first go-round with these puppies, but I expect you'll be seeing a lot of them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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Love them or hate them, the ‘hipster headband’ as it has been dubbed, is a very real part of accessories today for people across the fashion spectrum.  This piece, a usually-thin and decorative strand of some fabric or another is to be wrapped around the head at varying levels to increase the wearers cool factor by an immediate ten percent.  People like Erin Wasson, Zoe Kravitz, Cory Kennedy, and Iekeliene Stange can be seen sporting these headbands in varying widths and hues.  Although many people may consider these items overly trendy or already ruined by the label of ‘hipster’, it is actually quite the contrary.  Worn well, a hipster headband, paired with a simple t-shirt and jeans can take an outfit from boring to eye-catching.

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The trend was first seen on the streets by powerful people in the fashion industry—people like Karl Lagerfeld, who has the power to create new trends all by himself, and others like Iekeliene Stange, current top model, who has the power to officially turn an accessory from a random rope into a completely dazzling cherry-on-top for an already wonderful outfit.  At Chanel’s most recent couture show, while models strutted around in flouncy cocktail dresses and gorgeous floor-length gowns, a version of the headband made its very own apperance, although this time it was procured out of elegant seashells.

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Although it is clear that the hipster headband has no chance of fading in the future, one element of this trend worries me.  There are hundreds of high-up, extremely (beyond words) chic women who have already passed the years where they can get away with wearing a string of sea shells across their forehead.  The hesitance to embrace this trend most probably comes from its lack of adaptability.  Something about it (the way it bunches up the wearer’s hair, or adds an immediate look-at-me element) makes it something that is looked down on by those who find it more irritating than anything else.

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I know that my mother is an incredibly chic and hip woman who, while putting together an outfit, always considers what Scott Schuman, the Sartorialist, would think of it (and if he would stop to take her picture).  I know, however, that she never completes an outfit with the many ribbons and bows that I have hanging in my bathroom.


So, the hipster headband is a juxtaposition in that it is loved and hated, it fits any body type and yet only a few people can pull it off, and it is making a comeback from decades past, and yet it still seems fresh and new.  Care to join the trend?

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hot in Hurr

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Today is a day for laying around, finishing my homework, and escaping the heat--because it is HOT outside. I finally got my hands on this super soft vneck from urban, as i mentioned a few posts back and now i'm wearing it alone with the least weighty, easiest to wear shorts in my entire closet.

vneck, urban. shorts, aeagle.


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There's new Erin Wasson floating around the streets, and I couldn't be more excited!  Helligirl from tfs just posted these pictures she took of the ed, and as you can see, I am completely lacking in the patience it would take to wait for scans.  It helps that the photos are really artistic in and of themselves, don't you agree? Erin is one of my favoritest favorite top models of all time, and the fact that this editorial is so f***ing awesome really helps. And I have to use profanity because I just can't picture erin wasson saying, 'yeah, freaking awesome!'


Oh Agyness, You're Such a Kook

but you sure look like a helluva lot of fun to hang around!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

One Piece

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I just got back from a short trip to San Jose.  I mean, what better piece of clothing to wear on the plane than a little romper-y jumpsuit!  I actually picked it up in northern cal and wore it the earliest chance I got.

The trip was successful, accomplished what I was up there to do, and got new clothes in the process (including the new super sheer SUPER soft v neck from urban)

I'm veeery excited for these new purchases. Oh! I forgot to say, I also got a tee by Truly, Madly, Deeply and it's really one of the comfiest I've worn in a while--which is saying a lot, as I wear nothing BUT v-necks.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wind Tunnel

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all scans by the wonderful Vini at tfs.

I am obsessed with the wind-machine effect and the way thet freja can make flying fabric look like art.  I dig the brights for this season!


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Long day today! It's been a long time since I've been home this early and so I'm kind of just doing a quick litle bloggity blog and then watching ellen and hopefully taking a nap. Ah, the life.  Anyway, I wore tights this morning with the skirt but suddenly the sun peeked out its little head and I pulled them off at a red light.

also, i want everyone to check out my bestie jenna's blog:

its awesome. shes awesome. check it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Memory Stick

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I wore my memory stick all day today, since I had a project due and definitely did not want to forget.

I've kind of convinced myself that it's the newest tongue-in-cheek accessory. next thing you know, you'll be seeing them on the runways.  you heard it here first!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


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I was looking at schools today. and it was cloudy and overcast and it involved lots of walking and shielding my face from the winds. Not exactly the most glamorous of things, but so SO comfortable.  Now I'm eating strawberries and cool whip in an american apparel hoodie. yum! just what i need!

whats the right way to spell grey anyway?

Friday, April 4, 2008


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chloe sevigny, in all her hispter glory, is modeling for the Uniqlo UT Project alongside Tadanobu Asano, a Japanese actor.  I think the two make a darling and enviously cool pair, and I'm loving all the t-shirts, in a big way.


The High Waisted Skirt

Alright ladies and gents, we're back in business!
Got my computer back from the Apple store (I am always in awe at how crowded that place is) and it even ended up being free because the damages were covered by my warranty.  praise the gods!
Anyway, I'm wearing this high waisted skirt that my mom gave me and a tank top from american apparel, I've sort of realized through having it that having a well-fitting, white, plain old tank top can be really an amazing wardrobe staple.
I'm so glad to be back posting outfits!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things!

Exposed zippers and intricate blazers
One of my favorite blog writers in the blogosphere, Rumi at Fashion Toast (see my links) was just recently raving about a dress at Topshop that she had found that had this divine exposed zipper in the back. You know, to be honest I had never really thought about that. For me, a zipper usually just makes sure my dresses stay on and my pants stay up...but Rumi quickly had me convinced that these zippers can be quite a statement. The dress that Whitney is wearing here has that appeal. Who even cares if it's boring from the front, because when she's walking away, you know everyone (or at least the people who can appreciate fashion) will be left slack-jawed. As for Lauren's blazer (and super-stupendous dress...YSL? anyone know?) and the cute little white buttons give the look an amazing nautical feel that I definitely love. It helps that The Hills is one of my guiltiest pleasures...!

Chains at Givenchy.

Mariacarla and....well, everyone else at the most recent Givenchy show were touting these layers and layers of gold chains over their super-chic black shifts. I used to layer necklaces in like, the 8th grade, but they I kind of became more of a rings and bracelets kind of gal--necklaces, more frequently than not, just seem so fussy to me most of the time! However, seeing my favorite models at one of my favorite designers fashion shows swathed in these elegant and simple and thin (read: non fussy?) chains makes me yearn for a few of my own.

Super-Huge Sunnies for a California Girl

This photo of Elena Melnik at the Basso and Brooke show (I don't recall the season) kind of got me thinking. Usually, I wear glasses. I am totally proud of my geeky frames and I'm definitely not concerned about my image as a well-dressed person because of my glasses. However, this glasses predicament makes sunglasses so much more difficult. These shades are pushing me to buy contacts for the days I head to the beach. I don't know, I think it's because they don't look expensive and they have that sort of allure of a cheap pair bought at a random shop on a random street (probably what I would end up doing, seeing as I can't afford super-expensive sunglasses). But seriously, I just love them.

Old Balenciaga Campaigns
Woah, right!? Liya, Gemma, and Isabeli are so working this ad I can't even take it. The new Balenciaga ads have been very robotic as I'm sure you've noticed..and they don't exactly draw me out to splurge on a top that looks like my shoulders are made out of metal. I like this ad because of the flowy-ness and the slouchy boots and the cutouts and the black and white. I WANT these pieces, isn't that the sign of a good advertisement?

Agyness on a rent-a-bike
Okay, I understand that this picture was taken for editorial, fashion-y purposes, but why can't I just believe that Agyness rides these bikes in her normal life (she does) with these Givenchy stunner heels on at the same time (she doesn't). I was in Paris and never got to rent a bike, so for now, these pictures of Agyness are all I've got. Plus, I realized all the chic ways to ride a bike.

Keira Knightley's personal style.
I see pictures of her all the time, the not-so-frequently photographed celebrity, and yet the dark horse in the Hollywood cyclone that has already vacuumed up the likes of Britney, Lindsay, and Paris. Keira's look is usually a bit more grunge than this, involving a slouchy hat and combat boots with a dress (still totally stunning) but this high waisted look with that perfect white blouse and the simple gold bangles and jewelry as an accent just looks so stupendous and chic (chicly stupendous!). Even though she's wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers, which have been kind of overplayed recently, I still think she wears them with an attitude that's not so 'look at me im hip with wayfarers' and more, 'i need some's bright out!' You agree?
...what are a few of your favorite things? One of my other favorites is American Idol, on tonight, and I'm off to eat dinner and get ready to settle in for some Dolly Parton tunes (the theme of this nights show). I'll post about it tomorrow (or maybe not...if I start making idol posts, im thinking it's kind of a slippery slope...). Enjoy!