Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Memory Stick

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I wore my memory stick all day today, since I had a project due and definitely did not want to forget.

I've kind of convinced myself that it's the newest tongue-in-cheek accessory. next thing you know, you'll be seeing them on the runways.  you heard it here first!


WendyB said...

Cute top!

Romany said...

Omg I love your outfit so much! I wish I could get away with stuff like that -- the USB stick included! ;)

allison said...

how timely! my best friend always wears his usb stick to his digital drawing class and i make fun of him mercilessly. he doesn't accessorize it with a cute outfit like you do!

Jillian said...

i adore that top so flirty and girly! great colour!

Susan said...

lol, I like it. nice outfit. Why does everyone have memory stick!? I feel left out.