Saturday, April 5, 2008


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I was looking at schools today. and it was cloudy and overcast and it involved lots of walking and shielding my face from the winds. Not exactly the most glamorous of things, but so SO comfortable.  Now I'm eating strawberries and cool whip in an american apparel hoodie. yum! just what i need!

whats the right way to spell grey anyway?


Romany said...

I love your cardi! Well, I just love cardis in general, lol. They're my favourite item of clothing.
Which schools were you looking at, just out of curiosity??


haha yeah i spell it gray.. or grey- i cant remember now!
and i love chloe in the uniqlo ads! the guy next to her isnt so bad looking ;) haha

MR style said...

nice look !! but maybe with the strawberries it would have been greater !! no

Sheryl Wong said...

grey or gray looks great with a dash of any color! i think it's one of the easiest color to match.

Aisha said...

I want grey jeans :)

LML said...

haha i dont kno if its grey or gray either! i guess i spell it based on my mood lol!
love the chloe ads below - she is amazing!