Wednesday, April 23, 2008


D60 25438

I've been thinking about how horribly my lack of camera has affected my blogging abilities.  I take photos with my Macbook (my lovely Macbook, which I am not complaining about, but still...) but I always feel like I'm never able to truly showcase my outfits in all their splendor and without the colors looking always so washed out.
I've decided that a Nikon D60 is what I need for this betterment of my quality of life.  I already have such grand ideas!
Do any of you have a Nikon digital camera? What are your thoughts on yours?


sarah said...

well, I don't know that much about nikon, but I do have a canon 400d. What's good with canon is that it has more focuspoints or whatever you call them in english (in swedish it's named something like that). Though, when I bought my camera they said that there wasn't that big difference in the different brands.. so good luck! :)

wow said...

Well I haven't kept up with the digital camera market as much as I should have recently. I own a Nikon D50 which I got in 2005, but from my experiences and talking with others/looking at their work, Canon cameras produce more vivid and natural looking photos. Ever since I've been shooting RAW on my D50 I haven't found this to be a big problem, especially since RAW offers such flexibility in the post processing stage. There is also the issue with cost of equipment. When you want to buy more equipment in the future, namely lenses, Nikon is fine but their glass is 20-30% more expensive than Canon's comparable. From my experiences, Canon camera's (at least their mainstream, consumer models) provide more accurate colour representation than Nikon do.

vogued out!!! said...

same thing here and I do love my macbook but the pics arghh!