Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best of...The Sartorialist Men's

I guess I should explain where my mind was in creating this post. I have a macbook. That macbook, as all you users out there are bound to know, has a sent-from-heaven program called iPhoto. It's the greatest, most efficient and suave-looking photo storing program around (well, to me at least...). Amongst the pictures of my friends and i from the summer, my pictures from india, and an inspiration folder that is getting extremely out of hand, I have my Sart folder. I was trying to figure out if I could ever narrow it down to be images that one hundred percent inspire me in some way or another, and make it a more condensed version of the 750+ photos that I currently have in that folder. So I decided to start with men's. I didn't originally plan on making this a double entry, one for each gender, but I figured it might be easier that way. I also realize that i didn't save nearly as many men's photos, but it doesn't mean that the guys don't inspire me all the same. And so here it goes.


This picture has just been posted the day I first discovered Scott Schuman's blog. I didn't really get the blog but I remember thinking, my GOD that guy looks good. Why aren't there people dressed like that where I live! Ha, and I bookmarked the page after frantically scrolling through the archives and taking note of all the moments that have been captured over the months. This guys pose, the cuff at the bottom of his pants, the scruffiness, and the way he looks huggable, too.


Hmmm, possibly one of the sartorialist's photos that will go down in history, given that it is entirely epic. It makes anyone question why that looks so good when nobody walks around like that. You'd think if people could look that good with a few mere adjustments, that everyone would do it! But no, this guy. I love his pose. How it's obviously candid, but the way he stands, hips forward but completely relaxed. it's great.


A faceless outfit. A timeless outfit. Proportions for any decade, in a european country, in the fall. This picture makes me think of books, and painting, and walking for a really long time so that your feet hurt, but then making your way home and collapsing into bed, entirely exhausted.


Scarves. I am getting angry with california for being so hot all the time, since I am missing out on opportunities to do things like this. Actually, I'm not sure if i could EVER figure out how he tied this, or where he got something so cool looking, but he could be wearing a 2 dollar pair of jeans a tshirt and he would still stand out like a diamond. his eyes sparkle!


THE ULTIMATE SUMMER LAYERING. I'm really not sure who puts a cardigan on themselves that way, but this guy makes it look like the most normal thing in the world, and he pulls it off so well with his nonchalance that I have an urge to try and mirror some of his impeccable layering skills once "fall" rolls around in california and the thermostat drops below 70.


Finally. I think it's the attitude...and the jacket...and the hat...and the brass buttons...the hand in the pocket...the tie...the look...everything! i dig it. He REALLY knows his colors and what works with what. i'm extremely impressed (and jealous!)

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Loraine said...

Oh my God! Number 6's jacket is THE one i've always wanted. That's the one Julian Casablancas (Strokes) uses too, ugh I just can't find it anywhere. Is so cool that that guy owns one!