Tuesday, August 26, 2008




hmm so yes. now im in wisconsin! helping family househunt. i wont be living here...im not sure i could if i was forced to (no offense wisconsonians)..but its nice for a little mini-vacation.
notice anything unusual on that menu? um, yeah.
but this was my travel outfit, and thats mysister.
we're going to the state fair tomorrow! i'm extremely excited.
ill keep you posted on it.
have any of you been to wisconsin?


Winter Breeze said...

umm...POSSUMMMMM?! crazzzzy, did you take any pictures of it?

miss_vogue said...

haha nope! i didnt dare order it. i just thought it was hilarious that it was even offered. i played it safe with some buffalo wings and sweet potato fries. mm!

alexisish said...


Lissa said...

Psssh I live in Wisconsin!!
And I totally agree, living here is terrible. But tell me if you ever come visit again :]