Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Daily I(nspiration)

I guess some people would be annoyed with a computer on which they don't even know about all the features until a year after they've bought it. Me, I love it.  I just discovered this great collage-ing thing on my macbook and just went nuts. (...this list is going clockwise, from erin wasson on the left)
1. Erin Wasson's perfectly turquoise Wayfarers and midday margarita give off the summer vibe that I am yearning for.  I think she, as a style hero of mine, in combination with summer, wayfarers, and a great fedora, is kind of just my dream.
2. Sasha Pivovarova in "Eau de Rose" in Paris Vogue Mar 08.  She Worked (with a capital W!) this editorial in all its pink, girly, beachy fabulosity.
3.Ashley Olsen at a time when she still wore slouchy tops and skinny jeans with big chunky heels.  Well, I guess she still wears big chunky heels, but nowadays it's with pencil skirts and super-amazing, super-chic cardigans or tops from The Row or Elizabeth and James.  Still, I can't help but reminisce about the days of yore when her whole aesthetic was a bit more laid back.
4. Heels, heels heels. Marc Jacobs reverse heels. YSL's brand embroidered heels. Balenciga's...everythings.  These crazy platform heels caught my eye and inspired fashion fantasies that involved someone fabulous (iekeliene, perhaps?) running around with ease in these babies.
5. Lou Doillon is so fabulous and french it's practically ridiculous.  I stumbled across this picture of her with what looks like her mom's red lipstick, slightly high waisted simple jeans, a tattered tee, and some amazing hair accessory. And she looks really supremely amazing, and I think I just completely look up to her. Or, at least the way she dresses.

Hopefully I can make this a daily occasion, because I always enjoy figuring out what's driving me on each individual day--sometimes random things are actually main sources of my inspiration (Britney!?)...

Photo credits..
Sipa Press, kiwiolsen, scans by Berlinrocks, lozz from tfs


elle said...

Love you style. I love this collage- Eric Wasson is the sh*t. Her thread at TFS is great for inspiration. Keep posting!

Ediot said...

LOVE this collage!