Thursday, February 28, 2008

The New Motif

So everyone, it's official--the star motif will probably become as ubiquitous as that Balenciaga equestrian-esque hat that was so popular a few seasons back (and practically drove me mad!).
Across fashion capitals, the star-print has been showing up on tons of runways.  This decidedly Americana symbol is something that I've avoided since the last fourth of July parade I was in in the 4th grade.
I'm thinking if I can find a cheaper (read: urban outfitters) version of these stars that maybe I could make them work, especially if they were white on black--however, the ethereal, wispy version marion cotillard is wearing in the top right is also a dream.
This dress that I came across on ebay could be really cute (minus the guitar necklace..) with some boots and a belt.

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