Friday, February 1, 2008


Today was highly inspiring. Fridays are always good days...with the weekend ahead, I tend to seize the end of my week with vigor!  I watched La Vie En Rose today (in french! with french subtitles! and got it!) and it was spectacular. Extreeeemely moving, and I wouldn't be surprised if marion cotillard went on to win best actress.
But, speaking of, I was wondering why La Vie En rose (a totally spoken-in-french movie) is nominated for best picture and not best foreign picture? I was suggesting that maybe it is because of American producers or sets? Let me know if you have any idea...
And as for what I was wearing, I just bought these fabulous shoes on ebay and got them last night. I built an outfit around it! (I'm obsessed with cuffing these J. Crew jeans, I know...)
The shirt is from the Target boys section, the necklace from India, and the little knit top is vintage.


Jillian said...

where did you get those lovely shoes? I must've missed where I can't seem to find where you say it... but i love the whole look! bravo!

miss_vogue said...

haha jillian you are too sweet!

I found the shoes on ebay...very lucky find that I stumbled upon via

thank you for the compliment!