Monday, March 24, 2008

Bucky Done Gun

I admire the way this girl can work it.  Whether she is pulling off the shredded-beyond-practicality Maison Margiela shredded jeans or modeling in an unusually demure (for Juergen Teller) ad for Marc by Marc Jacobs, she always seems to be a step ahead of the rest.  Her Sri Lankan roots and fiery reggae infused music have given her the image of a partying rock star but I think, beyond that, she is completely fashionable in a really sartorial sense of the word.  I admire her daring and her totally committed way of living (and i envy those lips...), and I think that, listening to her music or seeing her face staring out at me from the newest TeenVogue, she's got an appeal beyond the mischa's or lindsay's of the world.  Something more, I say.

I was reading on the extremely reliable fashionspot that she may be abandoning music because her heart is not fully in it, as well as the fact that she has directorial aspirations and is maybe hoping to reverse the scenes she's been surrounded by and take a seat in the directors' chair herself.  No matter what happens, she's one to keep your eye on.

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Neekoh said...

I don't really know too much about her, but to be honest, I'd rather listen to her music rather than look at her ads... there's something unappealing about her to me. :/

Jillian said...

I know I absolutely love M.I.A. she's really great! I love her music and she's pretty hot! I love her in the ad!

But I'd seriously miss it if she stopped making music at least once in a while :(

The Clothes Horse said...

I must admit I've never been a big fan of her or even too aware of her, but I have really liked the latest ads of her from Marc Jacobs. The first couple (the denim suit) didn't work for me, but these rock.

addicted said...

mia is seriously amazing!

love aesthetics said...

isnt she styled (getting her clothing picked out) by Casette PLayer?
Im not sure though, correct me if Im wrong