Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm really into these fashion-y NYT photos...for some reason the photogs over at the times seem to capture the best's quite inspiring.  It helps that I reeeallly dig the studs on those shoes and the way they look.  Now, to get my hands on them!

photo, nyt


Mademoiselle Bariolée said...

wow they are amazing!

Jillian said...

this is a bit OT
but the name escapes me at the moment but there is a blogger bought these shoes that look EXACTLY like the ones in Burberry from i think nine west and is going to buy studs and have them studded just like the real ones! That is insanely awesome haha I wish I was that creative!

fabulous shoes though love the studs!

miss_vogue said...

jillian! you'll have to show me which blogger! sounds stunning <3