Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shave Ice, Black Sand Beaches, and Flip Flops all day Long


the day before!

Please excuse the fact the the bathroom (the only place to balance my camera!) has horrible lighting.  It's rather early and I'm being hassled by my family to get ready, as we're going on numerous adventures today.  

Anyway, my vacation outfits rarely seem good enough to post (wet bathingsuit, matted hair, sand everywhere, and big baggy t-shirts when I'm trying to hide y super-pale skin from the sun).  However, I thought I'd post a few of the better ones just for documentation purposes and because I want to maintain some sense of style no matter what I'm doing or what tropical locale I am visiting. Anyway, gotta eat some breakfast. Be back later!


discothequechic said...

oh the problematic picture taking.

i sympathise completely, it's the same for me!

but cute outfits. esp the second, very relaxed and reminds me of erin wasson/

Romany said...

I love your style - don't worry about the lighting, it's better than no pic at all. :)
Yay for pale skin! There's really too much anti-pale discrimination in the world, I plan to change this if I ever become any sort of trend/beauty authoritarian. Lol.

ApolloniaFashion said...

Oh woow!I love your Outfits!!
Especially that you can wear Germany it is still to cold:((
i am waiting so much for summer to come!

Maddy said...

Lucky duck, sounds like you're having fun. I really like the second outfit, it is mucho adorable and I might have to copy it on myself.


i love your relaxed look.. and your third shirt is my fave!

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alluretone said...

o i wish it was warm enough over here to be wearing those kind of outfits!