Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Shoes!

I was talking about the new pair of shoes I got at urban outfitters a few posts back, and I can finally show you.  I've been trying to pull them off a la Ashley Olsen and her well-worn Jil Sander flats sort of like these ones.  Loose american apparel tees, cardigans, plaid, and cuffed pants or shorts galore!

Meanwhile, I'm really feeling the intense desire to own a new pair of strappy high heels like the Givenchy or chunky Chloe heels we saw this past season.  The number of heels I can actually wear out for a night (call me crazy, but wearability is actually really important to me) is down to..2. One by BCBG and one by Betsey Johnson.  And while flat shoes may be way more of my tendency, I'm still feeling the need for height and glamour to go along with some of the new dresses I've picked up recently.  The hunt begins!

Concerning Ashley Olsen's Jil Sander flats, see:

photos: urbanoutfitters, olsen-files.


addicted said...

ohh those are ador! perfect for those days when your toes are not sandal ready.

aschlee said...

Sounds like you're pulling off the A-Olsen style quite well. Oh 'n I totally feel ya about the heels... I'm always on the look out for very fashionable 'n yet wearable aka comfy heels for going out. Currently I'm on the hunt for a really cute pair so if you come across anything that can go with a mini dress you let me know :D hehe.