Tuesday, March 25, 2008

jack and jill went up the hill...

Here I am, taking an afternoon break from all the sun I've been getting here in Hawai'i.  I've got on a bathing suit (urban outfitters) and a t shirt (american apparel), but I find myself being drawn back to these images from jakandjil.com which feature (from left) Irina Lazareanu, Maryna Linchuk, and Emina Cunmulaj bundled up during fashion week...almost certainly facing chillier temperatures than what I am experiencing at this very moment.

I just think that regardless of season, certain looks can be extremely inspiring, and as Scott Schuman the Sartorialist talks about all the time in his blog, a look may not be sartorial in the WHOLE, but certain elements of it can stand out as something to be remembered.  So starting with Irina, I seem to find myself daydreaming regularly about this shiny top/tattered denim shorts combo. Especially with the beat up shoes.  I'm constantly trying to figure out a way to wear what would usually be considered nightwear (for clubbing etc) in my daywear.  I think Irina has provided a wonderful example of how to dress down a glitzy top and make it perfect for day.  The big black bag is lustworthy as well.

Second is Maryna's outfit that is quite wintry but so classy and chic and yet youthful that I can't seem to take my chlorine-saturated eyes off it, no matter how much it hurts to look at the screen after a few hours at the pool.  I love the way she mixed up her layers with the tank and the shorter (luxurious, gold-emblazoned, zipper-saturated, totally worn in the perfect amount) leather jacket.  She wrapped that scarf expertly (i'm still trying to get it right!) and has a commanding presence that doesn't really let up.  I suppose maybe that's one of the many reasons that she's in both DSquared2 and Mulberry campaigns this season...not to mention a few other that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Finally is Emina, rocking shiny leggings, menswear, a vest, leather, and a fedora...and completely doing it un-ironically.  She's wearing an outfit that has probably been worn in one way or another by every teenager and young hipster.  However, I think it's the little things in this look that make it work.  The well-painted nails (although she probably didn't paint them herself considering this is show season), the big sneakers probably worn for comfort and yet looking like a million bucks, and the wispies sticking out of her fedora (fedora's definitely call for softer hair). I just like how it looks like she threw this on before or after a show and managed to catch my eye in a way that some of the looks on the runway have failed to do.

all pics, jakandjil


Romany said...

Hmm - shiny leggings seem to be huge this season. I don't think I could pull a look like that off, personally. Not until I start taking advantage of my gym membership, lol!
Oh my blog is on your blogroll, how cool! Thanks, that's wonderful to see. I'll return the favour right now! :)


youre so lucky to be in HAWAII, new york is still cold even though its Almost april! I love Emina's look- all the layering and those leggins are so hot!

vogued out!!! said...

yup im totally into Jak and Jil too.
love your site.

addicted said...

thank you!! linking you also!!!

The Clothes Horse said...

I adore these looks.
And you're in Hawaii! So jealous right now. I graduated from high school in Hawaii, Oahu to be exact...I miss it desperately, but I was never truly a local.

hannah said...

i love all of these looks, especially marynas.

have fun in hawaii! love your blog.

fashion-filled said...

The second picture is beautiful !!

Jillian said...