Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A New Goth

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I think I'm a day behind! Sorry about that know those days when you barely have time to eat and sleep!?  It's kind of been like that recently.

But tonight, as I reclined (finally!) to watch America's Next Top Model and American Idol (GO DAVID ARCHULETA! (and jason castro, second fave))...I decided to make a new collage based on my inspirations this week. I know, telling, right?  It's gloomy and cloudy, but I guess that sort of modern-goth look has been really inspiring to me recently. 5 tracks of the week.

1. me and julio down by the schoolyard--simon&garfunkel

2. breakin' up--rilo kiley

3. du og meg--of montreal

4. opus 36--dustin o'halloran

5. my mom was a lamppost--the exfriends


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jendyfriend said...

can you believe it?
im a fellow blogger.
it'll be our secret.

Aisha said...

Such lovely inspiration, i love how the girl at the right of the olsen looks (i believe it's chanel iman, but i'm not sure, she's beautiful).

I support david archuleta too and this other guy, Michael Johns is pretty good also.

Thanks for the link, i've linked you too

Adele said...

wow her hair is amazing!! great collage lol!