Sunday, March 30, 2008

dance, dance

I used to really keep my eye on Natasha Poly because of her sunken in cheeks and sort of Russian flair.  But then she kind of stopped doing exciting work for me and I wasn't as interested...especially since newer models came around like Iekeliene and Agyness who are so out there.  But, I've realized from this picture backstage at michael kors (and recent updates to her thread at the fashion spot) that she's got a spunk all her own.  enjoy!

Also, I need to mention that on my flight coming back from Hawai'i my computer had an unfortunate incident with a can of Sprite and now it is in the Apple Headquarters somewhere being taken apart and restored to newness.  I am struggling with this other family PC, and since I take my pictures using my mac, I may not be able to post an outfit for, according to the mac man, '7 to 10 days'. Bear with me, I'll definitely still update, just not with my outfits. And soon I'll have myhands on all the Hawai'i pictures and I will be able to put those up.  get excited!

ph, thefashionspot


Ana said...

She was never one of my favourite models but her walk is flawless. Her arms do scare me a bit though.

Romany said...

Ok this liquid spilling on laptop thing is OFFICIALLY going around - it must be something in the water...
I know what you're going through, believe me, although you'll probably have yours back before I have mine, considering I haven't even shipped mine off to be repaired yet. Lol.
That is a gorgeous photo of Natasha! Her hair looks divine and she looks as if she's having so much fun!

Jillian said...

i saw this on tfs too and i have to say i love it!

i'm still obsessed w/ Poly... i just can't get enough of her! she looks like so much fun in this pic!

saray said...

what a fun pic!
i love that dress!

poly is great but she is not my favorite!

Lilleez said...

i love the gold dress!! xx