Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fashion Week

Several Highlights for me:
1. Sonia Rykiel--Always a blast, always gets the girls smiling--and interestingly enough the clothes are just as incredible and very french and chic.  Looking at the pictures of this show, watching Irina L. walking down the runway tossing a bowler hat in the air and seeing usually stone-faced Karlie Kloss flash her pearly whites, I know that this designer has got it going on.
2. The details at Alexander McQueen were so exquisite and...completely NOT ready-to-wear.  However, I just think with all the stark blacks and greys that Paris Fashion Week has presented us with, this bit of McQueen-like indulgence was much needed for the week to have that flavor and spice that is always expected of it.
3. Cory Kennedy in the front row at a couple of shows really just impresses me, and even though I'm not particularly obsessed or loathing of her, I just like that these big time fashion houses have a sense of humor. 
4. Lily Donaldson's crown at Sonia Rykiel is a headpiece that I would die for! What I like about it is that it's like a simple headband, but with a crown design at the front--a perfect hipster headband.
5. The Olsens return to Paris. My dream. And they pulled it together and looked great, too!  Really, not a lot is necessary for this one.

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