Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shoe Me

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right.
1.Dsquared. Somehow Iekeliene (model hero) ran down the runway in these to open the show. However, it was all downhill from there. Shoes were flying off girls feet (literally, watch the video...) and when the boys came out to take their bow, the held shoes in their hand.  I know you may think I'm crazy, and I know that if I were to actually wear these I could very possibly break my ankle, but that doesn't mean I don't love them to the point of insanity.
2. Viktor and Rolf.  Another pair of shoes that would probably be extremely problematic in my case.  I just envision my feet looking like sausages in these, and also, I think if they hurt At All, the amount of rubbing that would be going on is sort of unlimited. However, once again, I want em.
3. Giambattista Valli. These are just hot, and MK olsen wore a pair a few months ago that were very similar and she pulled them off!  I just like the way they look and I know that they could make the most drab outfit fabulous.
4. Alexander McQueen. These are the perfect boots. I love the way it's folded over and I love the sleekness, there's no need to take the shoes too far when you're alexander mcQueen anyway, you can do whatever the heck you want!
5. Peter Som.  I am absolutely getting redundant about my fantasy shoes, because EVERY single one of these would be a dream to have.  At this point, if you are still reading, then you are one of those people who just understand the insatiable lust that comes with these exquisite pieces of art.
6. Prada. Note, the tan band around the foot is just there to hold the shoe on the girls foot so that Dsquared's shoe incident doesn't repeat history at Prada.  I love the browns and tans and think they're very elegant and very miuccia.
7. Stella McCartney.  The lucite in between the top bit and the bottom bit of the shoe is what makes this for me.  I don't know if I could pull these off personally.  I may, however, make a shrine to them in my closet..!

Photo Credits:!, elle


Aisha said...

Nice site! :)

Heels! ♥ Giambattista Valli's are HOT indeed.

Wendy said...

The cut out heels are awesome!

Fashion Tidbits said...

they look awesome but highly un-walkable, non?

yulanda said...

My feet are already wincing in pain just looking at these, but the Giambattista Valli ones are gorgeous.

miss_vogue said...

haha, fashion tidbits, I'm positive you're right!
For me, I suppose its the fantasy that gets me...I think the Peter Som's could be pulled off by someone like an olsen twin who has both style and an extremely centered balance. :]

Fred The Mole said...

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The red shoe is incredible !!

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addicted said...

omg, i want all of these!

Rumi said...

Aaaaah I want them all too!

FoxyRoxy said...

These shoes are hot